One of your current or existent business partners is requesting credit terms? We strongly recommend a solvency check in order to diminish the default risk and/or not collecting the amount on due time.

One of your customers is late in paying your invoice? Urgently contact our Company in order to be able to perform the necessary collection measures that would enable you to receive payment in the shortest time possible.

SC EXPERT COLLECT SRL-D is a financial consultancy company, having a wide and extensive experience on the collection market (both corporate and retail), as well as on the elaboration of solvency reports for juridical persons. We are flexible in providing customer-customized solutions starting with solvency reports/payment history, engaging in collection activities, tracing skip customers.

The advantages of working with SC EXPERT COLLECT SRL-D
  • Qualitative consultancy services
  • Flexibility and Punctuality
  • Transparency and Professionalism
  • Maximum results, minimum time resources, no down-payments